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1205 West Hastings St
Vancouver, BC, V6E 4T7

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Welcome to Cielo Coal Harbour Vancouver BC
Welcome to Cielo
Your Strata Council has created this website to provide residents with everything they need to know about living well at Cielo. We believe good communication goes along way toward creating a safe, friendly community for all of us to enjoy.

Emergency Contact Information

24-Hour Emergency Service Centre

For any personal life safety or health related emergencies, please call 911 first.
. A call relating to a situation that involves fire, flood, or is a life safety concern should be directed to the Colliers Service Centre.
. There is 24/7 concierge in your property, so emergencies can be reported to the concierge staff too. However, in order to streamline the process we ask that these types of emergencies are reported to our Service Centre, and the Service Centre will dispatch the call to the site staff. This enables Colliers the ability to track the calls and provide the call logs to the strata council.

Please do not call the office, if there is an emergency. Call the Service Centre.
. For non-emergency calls (requests for information, repairs, cleaning issues, etc), email is the preferred form of communication.
. This enables Colliers to hold a permanent record of any request. If email is not available please contact the following team members.
. The Service Centre should not be called on the weekend for routine requests.

Click here for new RE †MAX property manager info:

Concierge / Security Desk
(778) 328-9059 (land line)

Property Management Company
RE/MAX Property Management
#270 4311 Viking Way
Richmond BC V6V 2K9
Office Ph. 604-821-2999
FAX: 604-821-1822

Property Manager
Ryan Fitzpatrick
E-mail: Click Here
Direct Ph. 604-248-0759

Accounts Receivable
E-mail: Click Here
Direct Ph. 604-248-0754


Emergency Contact Information
24-Hour Emergency Service Centre

Building Features

See Developers Features (pdf)

Cielo's Geothermal Heating and Cooling System
Cielo is Canada’s first major residential tower to use geothermal technology for heating and cooling. The process allows Cielo to capture the earth’s natural heating and cooling properties through loops deep inside the ground. Residents should expect to see large savings over time as the building essentially captures “free” energy from below (see more).

Garbage Disposal and Recycling
Meeting Room Bookings
Residential Car Wash
A car wash stall complete with hose and an electrical outlet for vacuuming is available to residents at the end of the parking ramp on P3 just above P4.

Please try not to spray your neighbour’s vehicles nearby, wash down the dirt and grit after use, and neatly recoil the hose when finished.

Thank you.
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